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Ola Svensson - Osby Parca

Ola Svensson

Sales Manager

Tel: +46 479-177 13

Mob: +46 70-917 45 64

E-mail: ola.svensson (at)

Therese Svensson - Osby Parca

Therese Svensson

Electric boilers & spare parts sales

Tel: +46 479-177 15

Mob: +46 70-917 45 68

E-mail: tes (at)

Jimmi Sjölander

Sales standard boilers

Tel: +46 479-177 14

Mob: +46 70-917 45 70

E-mail: jimmi.sjolander (at)

Service /Warranty

Tel: +46 479-177 28 (Open 8 to 12 am.)

E-mail: service (at)

E-mail: garanti (at)

Teknisk Support - Osby Parca

Mats Schölin

Subcontracted work such as sheet rolling, plasma cutting etc.

Tel: +46 479-177 07

E-mail: mats.scholin (at)

Kristina Wirland Svensson - Osby Parca

Kristina Wirland Svensson

Back Office; admin, invoices, documentation etc

Tel: +46 479-177 02

Mob: +46 70-917 45 63

E-mail: kwi (at)

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Radiatorvägen 4, 283 43 Osby, Sweden

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+46 (0) 479 177 00

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info (at)

The head office in Osby is open between 08.00 and 16.00, Monday to Thursday, and 08.00-15.00 on Fridays (closed for lunch 12.00-13.00).



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Osby Parca, which is part of Ljungby-based Enertech AB (which in turn is part of the NIBE Group), manufactures boilers for several fuel strokes.
In Osby, we are a total of about 40 employees, but would like to be more. Welcome with your application!

Currently we need more welders.

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