Electric boilers and electrical cassettes

Osby Parca’s Eco series electric boilers are a flexible and simple solution for generating hot water, 36 – 504 kW.
As an affordable complement to heat pumps, we have now also developed an electrical cassette.

Osby Parca offers one  of the most modern and easily operated electric boilers for warm water production on the market.

Due to requests from our customers we have also developed an electrical cassette which we call ELK Servio. This is made to support heat pumps.

Our electric boilers in the Eco-serie comes in three different models, but in several power sizes depending on the customer's need. All sizes from 69 kW and higher are also available in a version with built-in safety

Our improved electric boilers have a design which offers a modern and sleek impression. The control system with touchscreen is clear and userfriendly, and enables the property caretaker to monitor the boiler and its servicing intervals.

The latest software for the Eco-boilers is found HERE.
NOTE! This version is only valid for the old model of display, art.no 587057301 (look at the back). Valid software for the new display; with built-in internet module, will be presented shortly.

Download the file update.bin, without changing the name, to an USB-stick and uppdate according to instructions in the manual.
NOTE! It is important that the file name is update.bin otherwise the system can't read it.


Electrical cassette ELK Servio


Our electrical cassette ELK Servio 72-156 kW is a convinient and affordable complement to heat pumps for property heating.
The electrical cassette is available in different power sizes and in two variants of control; binary and by 0-10 V.

More information is coming, as well as documentation in English etc.
Documents in Swedish, Norweigan and Finnish may be found beneath "Downloads" in the main menu.

Osby Parcas nya elkassett ELK Servio

Electric boilers EL 36 & 50 ECO

Our smallest Eco-boiler comes in two different sizes; 36 kW and 50 kW and may well be integrated with a heat pump for example.



EL 500 Eco come in several different sizes from 204 kW up to 504 kW output. All may be supplied with a built-in safety system.


Osby Parca electric boilers EL 160 Eco

EL 160 Eco come in several different sizes from 69 kW up to 156 kW output. All may be supplied with a built-in safety system.

For a smoother installation together with a heat pump, the water connections are now in DN80.

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