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We offer a comprehensive product range for generating heat and steam with solid fuels, oil, gas and electricity.

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We are well known for our efficient and reliable solid fuel boilers that generate heat and steam in an environmentally friendly way.
This is energy that can be used for district heating plants, industries and greenhouses, among others.
Our product range consists of complete systems as well as just boilers. For almost 80 years, we have been making innovative, quality, high-efficiency boilers that have helped our customers get the most out of their fuels.

Our vision

For the last ten years, the main task of our design department has been to increase efficiency so that the emissions of the installations are as low as possible. There is a strong tradition and a lot of experience in the company – this enables us to produce robust boilers of the highest quality. The production department is constantly working to improve efficiency in order to offer short lead times and high delivery reliability.

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