Osby Parca’s highly efficient electrical steam boilers are fully equipped and fully automatic. They are available in sizes 18–120 kW (output)

The heating is done with stainless steel, acid resistant pipe elements. When using these materials the servicing and maintenance needs are kept to a minimum. The high-pressure steam boiler is placed on top of a combined stainless steel feed water and blow tank. A pressure sensor keeps the operating pressure constant.

The feed water supply is controlled by level electrodes that also switch off the electrodes should the water level be too low. A level control unit with electrodes, that controls a solenoid valve, makes sure that the feed water tank is always filled with water by switching the boiler off should the water level drop to a low level. All electrical equipment is internally connected to a electrical cabinet mounted on spacers on the boiler’s long side.


Type of fuel: Electricity
Efficiency: Approximately 95% efficiency rate
Output effect: 18–120 kW output


Fitted with safety and function ancillaries
Quick response times for swift steam outtake
Available for operation pressures up to 7 bar


Product sheet
Osby Parca Electric Steam Boilers (Eng)

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