EL 500 Eco come in several different sizes from 204 kW up to 504 kW output. All may be supplied with a built-in safety system.

The new control system, reached by a touch screen, allows for simple operation and start-up. The customer is no longer dependent on the manual to the same extent. It also allows individual functions to be monitored according to each customer's needs. The overview of the boiler's parameters is easy-to-understand and convenient. For example, it is possible to view boiler output in addition to temperature.
Connecting to external equipment is simple, such as integration/control from a heat pump. All that is needed is a separate outdoor temperature sensor for outdoor temperature compensation.
All parameters are accessible via Modbus.

Our built-in safety solution (69-504 kW) is approved for installation without catastrophe protection, steam collector, level sensor or flow monitor.

For more information - see datasheet below.

The latest software is found HERE.
NOTE! This version is only valid for the old model of display, art.no 587057301 (look at the back). Valid software for the new display; with built-in internet module, will be presented shortly.

Download the file under the name "update.bin" at an USB-flash and update according to chapter 10.6.1 (for EL 160 & 500 Eco) in the manual.
NOTE! It's important that the file name is correct because otherwise it's unreadable.

Wiring diagrams and previous versions of the manual may be found beneath "Downloads" in the main menu.

Please note that all our old electric boilers are outgoing.


Output: 204 – 504 kW
Can be supplied with complete, built-in safety equipment at delivery.
Equipped with an overheat protection which remains in break mode after overheating.
After a power outage that lasts for more than three minutes, boiler output connection is delayed for one hour in accordance with SEF’s recommendations.
Boiler output connection is regulated in stages (the number of stages can be limited to achieve lower power).
The system’s main fuse can be protected by installing current transformers and current sensors.
The water temperature of the boiler can be regulated according to the preferred temperature (set point) or an external signal from e.g. a heat pump or outdoor sensor.
Several boilers can be connected in parallel for a higher total output.
Approved for zero flow.

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