Oskarshamn Energy’s district heating plant

The municipal company Oskarshamn Energi chose Osby Parca as their provider of two prefabricated boiler rooms for the city Oskarshamn’s heating needs.

Scope of supply

Two containerized biomass boiler units with 3 MW of output per unit with all associated sensors and switches as well as a control system. The flue gas equipment consists of multi cyclones and flue gas fans. Ash containers and pellets silos were also installed.

Installation Description

The boilers provide the city of Oskarshamn with hot water. Osby Parca were responsible for the total installation process, i.e. design, production, installation works and commissioning. The fact that the centrals were delivered ready to be plugged in to the water and electric grids meant a very short installation time.

Operation features

Each boiler is fed with pellets from a 15 meter high, 85 m³ silo. The pellets are fed into a fuel supply bin assembled on the boiler’s front through a fuel auger. The automatic ash handling transports the ash from the boiler out to an ash bin and the flue gases are cleaned with a multi cyclone.

LocationOskarshamn, Sweden
Delivered boiler(s)2 pc. PB2
FuelWood pellet
Annual power usageapprox. 33 600 MWh
Annual savingsapprox. 2.7 million EUR
Annual CO2 savingsapprox. 9 950 tonnes

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